Konzerthaus Dortmund – Black Poem

This promo for Konzerthaus Dortmund celebrates a new season of musical performances with a lyrical ode to fire.

My part on the project Rotoscoping, Compositing
Tools  After Effects


KHD Black Poem is a perfect example of Sehsucht’s inventive approach to motion design, one that blurs the line between real and unreal as abstraction becomes literal. Fire has never been captivated on screen so mystically.

Konzerthaus Dortmund-Philharmonie für Westfalen

Agency Jung von Matt
Werbeagentur GmbH
Production Sehsucht GmbH
Director Niko Tziopanos

Animation and Compositing Niko Tziopanos, Alexander Heyer, Martin Hess, Alexander Hanowski, Tom Abel, Daniel Hummer
Producing Kristina Neurohr
Music Fazil Say

© Alexander Saum, 2001-19.