Make People Better

Make People Better is an award winning documentary directed by Cody Seen about The impacts of gene editing on society and the environment may outpace even climate change.

My part on the project
Look Development, Styleframes, Compositing, Design
Tools Photoshop, After Effects


The great Motiondesign Studio Kaiserlicht fom Vienna commissioned me for the design and compositing of the graphics package for the documentary "Make People Better," directed by Cody Seen. The requested content included a CG Title Sequence and various animations, such as infographics, character inserts, and maps.

I was very happy and proud to have been involved in this fantastic project.

The official homepage offers several options to watch the film:

Make People Better

Director Cody Sheehy
Producer Samira Kiani 
Executive Producer Geralyn Dreyfous, Randy Gebhardt,
Christopher Gebhardt, Geoffrey O’Conner 
Producer Mark Monroe
Editor Greg O’Toole
Composer Tyler Strickland
Sound Design Kent Sparling, Kim B. Christensen

3D Artist Alexander Siquans, Felix Geremus,

© Alexander Saum, 2001-19.