Netflix | So Was Von Da

Title design for Jakob Lass' improvised novel adaptation
SO WHAT FROM DA by Tino Hanekamp.

My part on the project Art Direction, Look Development, Animation, Compositing
Tools Photoshop, Aftereffects

So Was Von Da_001
So Was Von Da_003
So Was Von Da_004
So Was Von Da_Style_004
So Was Von Da_Style_002
So Was Von Da_Style_005

So Was Von Da - is the story of Oskar Wrobel and his friends about idealism, love, burst dreams, and the will to create the world we want to live in. It's New Year's Eve. Tomorrow is over. Tomorrow will be different.
Anyway, first get red fruits for the party punch now. In Hamburg, in Oskar's club, the last night is breaking.


Producing Ulrike Kramer

Creative Direction Anja von Harsdorf

© Alexander Saum, 2001-19.