ZDF WM 2014

Motiongraphics for the 2014 World Cup trailer.

My part on the project
Look Development, Motiongraphics, Animation
Tools Photoshop, Aftereffects


I was commissioned by Infected Post (Hamburg) to create the key visuals, motion graphics and final logo animation for the ZDF 2014 World Cup trailer. The main aim of the trailer was to create a striking visual identity to reflect the feeling and atmosphere of Brazil and Rio de Janeiro. To represent the many different people joining together for the tournament, the idea was to use the technique of poinitllism to show the many different impressions made from the coloured footballs joining together to create one big picture of the World Cup.


Production INFECTED Postproduction Director Cadmo Quintero
VFX Daniel Brylka, Alexander von der Lippe, Markus Gratl, Allegra David
3D Christoph Zippel, Jimmy Zarski, Serkan Cesur, Francesco Campobasso, Sebastian Kowalski

Motiongraphics Mirco Lanz,
Jens Kretschmar
Color Grading Philipp Orgassa Editor Sören Görth, Alina Schmidt
Producing Henning Westerwelle
DOP Franz Lustig
Production Erste Liebe Filmproduktion

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